Meet the City Escapers - Paul and Amy

Nov. 3, 2016

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Every Airsorted host comes to us with a different story – some long to travel, and others seek a major life change.

This Featured Host Story comes from Paul, a freelancer who sought a life away from the hustle and bustle of London. With experience renting one spare room on Airbnb, Paul knew he would need some assistance renting the entire property – and that’s where Airsorted came in.

What’s your story?

“My wife and I decided to rent our property through Airbnb as we wanted to get out of London and see what living in a new city would be like. We had been letting out our spare room in the property through Airbnb and liked the ease and flexibility it offered.”

What dream did you follow?

“We both work freelance in creative industries so, while London is a great place to be, we both wanted to spend time in a city that has an artistic sensibility but less of a hectic lifestyle. So we decided to move to Bristol and work within and from that city.”

Why did you choose Airsorted?

“Airsorted seemed like the best option for us as it afforded the most flexibility and least amount of hassle. We were less inclined to take on longer term tenants through an estate agency because we knew there would be occasions whereby we needed the flat back for visits back to London. From a financial viewpoint we also realised that renting through Airbnb would be beneficial.”

What do you enjoy about the service?

With Airsorted we can relax as we know the team there will take control of all dealings with guests and Airbnb. All linen and cleaning is taken care of so we need not worry about change overs. Bar a few initial teething problems communication with myself and the team is always excellent. Any concerns or complaints I may have are dealt with immediately”

Tell us more about your property! What is its best feature?

Paul and Amy's terrace with a view

“I think the best feature of the property would have to be the terrace. It’s incredibly big for somewhere in London yet feels private and homely. The design throughout the property is also very stylishly done, my wife being a designer helps. From a practical point the flat gets a lot of natural light and as a result the apartment stays surprisingly warm throughout the winter.”

What about the area?

“Deptford is a great area of London. It has a lovely combination of cultures from around the world offering many types of cuisine. Over the last few years more ‘Hipsters’ have arrived and as a result better bars and coffee shops have sprung up, nevertheless the area still feels really well balanced and harmonised. It’s an exciting time to be there. The transport options are terrific too, the overground and DLR are very useful for getting into central London.”


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Host Top Tip - Sample Jar

Oct. 21, 2016

If you’re a traveller yourself, you will be all too familiar with the tiny sample bottles of health and beauty products provided in hotels, airports and shopping centres. Often excellent quality but forgettably small, these samples often end up lost in a drawer somewhere, or saved for ‘someday’.

Instead of letting sample products go to waste, why not use them as a finishing touch to your Airbnb guest room? Collect the samples into a jar and display them in the bedroom or guest bathroom – perhaps add a note so the guest knows they’re free to dig in!

It’s often the smallest details that transform your guest’s experience. That moisturiser sample you forgot you had might be exactly what your guest forgot to pack – so everyone’s happy!


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Meet the Adventure Seekers - Sarah and Ed

Oct. 20, 2016

We’ve all dreamed of leaving behind the daily grind and setting off on a grand adventure. At Airsorted we take pride in enabling those dreams.

Today we hear from Sarah, who chose Airsorted to manage her London Airbnb property while she and her husband cycled through Europe. With the income raised from her vacant property, Sarah and Ed were able to take a sabbatical and go on the adventure of a lifetime:


What’s your story?

“Home for us is in Suffolk, where we have lived for the last 10 years, but we need to be in London during the week – I’m a freelance marketing consultant and most of my work is in London, and my husband Ed is studying part time for a geology degree at Birkbeck.

We’re lucky enough to have a small flat in London and a cottage in Suffolk, but don’t both work full time – so we had been looking for a flexible letting solution for our London flat that would allow us to be in London when we needed to be, either for work or college, and which would generate income for us when we weren’t there to help us pay the bills!”


What dream did you follow?

“For several years we had wanted to take a sabbatical, and from a career perspective this year felt like our last opportunity for a while. We wanted to do something meaningful with our time and decided on a cycle tour – a good way to blow the cobwebs away, store up memories for years to come and get fit in the process! I’m not sure how we came up with Gothenburg to Sicily (Mount Etna, more specifically), but somehow the idea was born and given Ed’s geology degree it felt fitting to have a volcano as our final destination!

The journey was amazing – now we are back it almost feels like we were living a parallel life for 3 months. And cycling and camping our way through Europe feels very poignant in retrospect, at a time when the UK had voted to say goodbye to it… Some real highs and of course real lows – we approached each day with an ‘adventure is out there’ type attitude, and it certainly was – from being chased by wild dogs to foraged picnics of wild figs, almonds and cherries all gathered road-side. Crossing the Dolomites was a definite highlight as the scenery was breathtaking and there were perfect cappuccinos waiting for us at every tiny coffee stop en route.


Why did you choose Airsorted?

“We hadn’t thought it possible to rent our own flat out, as we couldn’t see our way through the logistical challenges – how would we hand keys over given we’re not always in London? How would we manage the cleaning? Would we need to stay up all night to answer guest
mails? But a friend recommended Airsorted as a way around these problems so we got in touch, and it has been a hugely positive experience.”

Did you enjoy the service?

“There are lots of things about the Airsorted service which are brilliant. Having people on hand to ‘sort stuff’ when guests have problems; managing all the communication with guests, which we just wouldn’t have time to do – and it’s always a relief to be able to come back to a lovely clean flat. Having a dedicated account manager is also much appreciated – it feels very fitting as Airbnb is about the personal and individual too, but this kind of service is now quite rare in the service industry.”

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Host Top Tip – Welcome Baskets

Oct. 14, 2016

It’s true what they say: first impressions count, and the first night of a guest’s stay is arguably the most crucial. As a host, you have one opportunity to make a great first impression with each guest, and there are many simple ways to go above and beyond.

A welcome basket like the example below is the perfect way to delight any guest, and with the right items it can help your guest settle in more easily. Include savoury snacks for the weary traveller who is too tired to cook, a printed local guidebook to browse, and a short welcome note. Items can be arranged in a reusable wicker bag and placed at the end of the bed or near the entrance to the property.

The project is incredibly low-cost, easy to arrange and may be the difference between a happy guest and a delighted one!




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‘Bizcations’ set to hit London this Autumn

Oct. 14, 2016

London is one of Europe’s most visited cities. With its history and popular tourist attractions, the city is commonly thought of as a classic ‘city break’ destination for holidaymakers. Now, there is a new type traveller – the ‘Bizcationer’.

A Bizcation occurs when a business traveller extends their trip over the weekend so that they can make the most of the destination they are in.

Because London has both a thriving tourist industry and a high volume of business traffic, it’s become one of the most popular Bizcation destinations in the world.

Business travellers that use Airbnb are found to stay twice as long as as business travellers that use more traditional accommodations. Because we see a surge in business tourism during the Autumn months, it is set to be the biggest Bization season to date.

More and more business travellers are opting to use Airbnb. With the Global Business Travel Association predicting business travel spend to advance 5.8 per cent over the next five years, London’s traffic from the growing Bizcation trend is set to increase.




Hosts can benefit hugely from this trend by ensuring that their Airbnb property is ‘Business Travel Ready’. To take the hassle out of creating the perfect business stay, hosts may consider a host management service. 


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Airbnb in Dublin – What’s on this Autumn?

Oct. 13, 2016

With Tourism Ireland reporting its best ever January-August period and welcoming more than 6.55 million arrivals, there is no doubt that Dublin is the place to be – and the place to Airbnb. But what are visitors looking forward to in Dublin this Autumn?




Tourism Ireland reports that its Autumn campaign is “in full swing”, with aims to boost late-season travel to Ireland. One key event, attracting more overseas attendees than ever, is the Dublin City Marathon. Having moved to a Sunday date from the typical Bank Holiday Monday, the Marathon attracted an unprecedented overseas demand, and registration has closed early due to reaching capacity.

The Dublin City Marathon is not the only sporting event that attracts tourists rain or shine. Ireland boasts one of the top rugby teams in the world and fans flock from near and far to watch their nations compete against the boys in green. The Guinness Series 2016 sees teams from across the world take on the Irish squad at the Aviva stadium throughout November, with international supporters arriving in their droves. And although the Six Nations Rugby doesn’t begin until 2017, Airbnb hosts can expect a boost in bookings around the sale of tickets in November. Match weekends are likely to fill up fast, with guests seeking convenient locations for small and large groups for match season in Spring 2017.


Via: Michael Grubb Studio


Dublin is a city whose beauty is not lost as the summer months end. In fact, the city develops a special charm as the weather becomes cooler and visitors flock to warm up around pub fireplaces with a pint of Guinness – or to visit the Guinness Storehouse itself, which is Europe’s leading tourist attraction with 1.5 million visitors each year. With so much to look forward to, hosts can expect a continued interest in their property, even as summer comes to a close.


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5 Reasons to Airbnb this Autumn

Oct. 13, 2016



Christmas time, Spring and Summer are the high seasons for Airbnb, right? Right, but other months are strong for different reasons.

We’ve put together 5 strong reasons to Airbnb in Autumn below:

  1. Rise of the ‘Bizcation’ – set to impact Airbnb this Autumn:
    Taking a ‘Bizcation’ is the practice of extending your business trip over the weekend so that you can make the most of the destination. London already receives high volumes of Airbnb business traffic, particularly in Autumn, so this new concept of extending the trips will certainly increase occupancy rates.
  2. Time to ‘warm up’ a new listing:
    Christmas time is considered high-season for Airbnb. In order for a listing to rise up the search rankings, it’s important that it already has comments and reviews. October and November are the perfect months to warm up your listing because you’re not wasting ‘high season’ nights.
  3. Less competition:
    Fewer people go away in Autumn than Summer – this means that there are fewer Airbnb properties available, so yours will appear in more searches.
  4. Sun is not a factor:
    Nobody visits the UK or Ireland for the sunshine, meaning that seasonality is less dramatic than in other parts of Europe. ‘City break’ locations have events year-round that attract visitors to the city. Edinburgh thrives in August, but it has a lively schedule of events that draw Airbnb traffic – even after Fringe. Dublin also has a stacked calendar events for Airbnb visitors.
  5. Stale housing market:
    The market can be infamously stale at this time of year. It takes just one week to get set up with Airbnb and Airsorted, so why not use the service to make money from your vacant property?


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Host Top Tip – Beverage Station

Oct. 10, 2016

A warm drink can solve a lot of problems, whether you’re a weary tourist arriving in an unfamiliar city, or a jetlagged business traveller trying to wake up for a conference. Coffee addicts, tea fiends or hot chocolate lovers can unite in the soul-soothing powers of their favourite drink, and a welcoming beverage station might be all you need to make your Airbnb house feel like home.

The example below, from At Home with The Barkers, is a simple DIY job that transformed a closet into a beverage bar. A small touch, the beverage bar keeps the essentials at hand and helps your guests to feel at home more quickly.

No time for DIY? Why not get affordable, online interior design help from Homewings?


Source: Instagram (@athomewiththebarkers)

Source: Instagram (@athomewiththebarkers)


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Airbnb Hosts: Boost your rental income with affordable, professional interior design help!

Sept. 28, 2016

Sometimes, the difference between two Airbnb properties is little more than a touch of style. Refreshing a space, even on the smallest of budgets, can dramatically improve booking rates and prices.

Airbnb is highly visual, and the appearance of a room might be the difference between a guest choosing your property or someone else’s. Sometimes, a change as small as a bookshelf or table can transform your space in surprising ways, and help you attract more guests and maximise occupation rates.




If you’re a remote host or simply busy, however, the thought of renovating a room or even meeting with a designer might seem overwhelming.

Together with Homewings’ talented team of designers, we’re making it easy and affordable to optimise your space for Airbnb. All online, and all within your style and budget. By taking a short style quiz, filling in a short online brief and uploading photos of your space, you’ll be connected to an experienced designer who understands your style and your particular needs. Through a collaborative online platform, your designer will provide you with your final design package, including concept, 2D room visualisation, shopping list, set-up tips and free purchasing service.

You have the final say in everything that happens, and you’ll receive a complete design package that you know your guests will love!

Homewings offers different design packages all optimised for making homes desirable for AirBnB stays, whether you’re accessorising or want to have your space designed from scratch – starting at £149.

As a special introductory you’ll be able to get 20% off your first room design by applying this code at checkout: AIRSORTED
To get started, take the Homewings style quiz now.


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Host Top Tip – Welcome Booklets

Sept. 27, 2016

One common motivation for a guest to rent an Airbnb is the desire to live like a local. As travellers become savvier and the desire for authentic experience grows, mass tourism loses its desire.

Living like a local goes beyond accommodation, and you can complement the local experience with something as simple as a guidebook.

Whether you choose to make your own, or use a printing service like this one on Etsy (see featured photo), a simple guidebook could add huge value to your guest’s stay.

Want to solve two problems in one? Reserve a section in the guidebook for simple house instructions, such as how to control the heating or run the shower. Pair those with some local hints and tips, and your guest will be delighted to have received some insider info!


Source: Etsy (click image for more info)

Source: Etsy (click image for more info)


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